Rockstar Enterprises offers a variety of staging, including Stageline Mobile Stages, the most reliable name in hydraulic mobile staging. The Stageline SL100 (24’ x 20) & SL 250 (32’ x 24’) are perfect for small to medium sized events of all types. The SL320, the largest of the SL Series stages, provides a rider friendly, industry standard 40’ x 40’ deck and is great for national acts and events with performances by multiple acts. For events hosting major touring Artists requiring increased rigging capacity & more deck space for large format production, the Stageline SAM Series is definitely the answer. In addition to stage wings and stage risers of all configurations, backstage and FOH structures such as docking platforms, equipment staging areas, audio & lighting risers, camera & projection platforms, spotlight towers, and VIP risers & grandstands can all be provided for any event.

Stageline Mobile Stages
Scrim Packages
Modular Deck Systems
Risers, Decking, & Skirting
Scaffold Stages
Roof Systems

Chain Hoists
Motors & Motor Control
Power Distribution

Certified riggers and stagehand labor can also be provided for any event.

Please email us at [email protected] with any general staging questions. For any interests not listed here or for serious inquiries regarding availability & pricing for labor, rigging, & staging, please contact us at [email protected].

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