Event Management

The primary reason Rockstar Enterprises are superior to the competition is largely due to the management services it provides. Complete event management packages including all phases of event logistics & planning, location, production, and stage management, concert systems & touring packages, event marketing, talent procurement, technical & non-technical labor services, and the implementation & execution of all elements of which the event is comprised can be provided. Management packages consisting of all, or multiple management elements, as well as any single management component can be provided.

Location Management focuses on event layout & logistics, including event entry & egress, stage access for production vehicles, and backstage access for artist buses, touring production trucks, & touring crew buses. Advanced event planning includes parking, scheduling of event opening & closing, performance schedule, artist and working staff hospitality, artist, crew, & guest credentials for all areas of access, security, stage access for artists & guests, shuttle services (when applicable), and VIP experiences.

Marketing Solutions encompass event advertisement, event branding & graphics, event signage, stage banner packages, and event sponsorship. In addition to the development & implementation of marketing strategies, banner and signage packages including concept, design, & digital printing are also available.

Production Management services include a Production Manager who is the primary liaison between artist crew, artist management, event staff, & event production personnel. The Production Manager is responsible for all production systems throughout the event and makes all final calls regarding these systems. In addition, the production manager is responsible for advancing all technical information with artists and production personnel, scheduling and supervision of load-in & installation as well as disassembly & load-out of all production systems, scheduling & supervision of all touring production load-ins & load-outs, as well as all Artist soundchecks.

Stage Management services include a Stage Manager who is the primary liaison between artist crew & event production personnel while onstage. The stage manager’s areas of responsibility include disbursement of event schedules and artist technical data to production personnel, scheduling and supervision of stagehand labor & production staff for their respective stage, supervision of stagehands during load-in and load-out of artist equipment and/or event provided backline (when applicable), and direction, supervision, & time management of performances and set changes.

Please email us at [email protected] or call (504) 343-6686 with all questions regarding management services or to schedule an appointment to discuss your event.

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